Our Class Photo Story

Fall Time Fun

This wonder board is now filled with stellar student work!

A classroom scavenger hunt is the perfect way to start the school year! 

Some new decorations spruced up the classroom.  

Contraction spiders were crawling all over the walls!  

Donuts and cider filled the tables at our harvest party. 

Can you guess how many candy eyes are in this jar?

We made turkey crafts at our Harvest Party.

I love the fall colors on this turkey.

Each turkey was very unique.

  Decorating pumpkins was a blast! 

These are fact families. Can you figure out the number sentences?
A student made this contraction turkey.
Our Classroom- 
The Winter Wonderland! 

We decorate our classroom for winter!
I wonder how many holiday candy corn are in this jar...

Spectacular Science and Social Studies Projects 

Life Cycle Projects

A student made this poster to show the liquid, solid, and gas stages of matter.

One student drew a lake as a source of water.
A river is another source of water.


English Language Arts 

We learned about "Ant"-onyms while matching ants to sugar cubes.

We practice our spelling words on the pavement. 

Shape poems are a student favorite. 

Field Trips 

The annual field trip to Fredrik Meijer Gardens is a class favorite!

Can you find the chrysalis below?

 Second grade celebrates the end of the school year with a grill out at the park.  Look at how many hot dogs and buns we purchase for the event! 

  Miss Dombrowski is a grilling pro! 

Our Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 Morning routine and breakfast
  • 8:20 Morning Math Meeting
  • 8:50 Writing
  • 9:20 Wonders Reading
  • 10:00 Guided Reading Groups
  • 10:40 Social Studies and Science
  • 11: 20 Lunch
  • 11:40 Recess
  • 12:05 Specials (Art, Music, Physical Education)
  • 12:50 Math
  • 1:50 Recess
  • 2:05 Snack / Read Aloud
  • 2:20 RTI (Response to Intervention)
  • 3:25 Dismissal

Tips to keep your second grade skills sharp:

  • Do Multiplication with Equal Groups
  • Add and Subtract Numbers
  • Visit the Library
  • Research a Topic
  • Keep a Journal/Diary
  • Read Aloud
  • Count Coins
  • Write Friendly Letters
  • Make Grocery Lists